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Discipline Your Way to Freedom!

Discipline Your Way to Freedom!

There were key moments when I started fulfilling my dream of providing pediatric therapy outside the confines of mainstream healthcare, where I experienced freedom. I felt free to use my talents without a system dictating exactly how. I felt free the first time I was sick and didn’t have to make the dreaded call to a boss. I felt free the first year I didn’t just make my bills but could take a vacation.🌊

Discipline created freedom.

I grinded the first 2-3 years working 60-70 hours a week establishing my credibility, building relationships with schools and doctors, and generally busting my tail to deliver services that not only looked different but more importantly FELT different to the child and others around him. I wanted and still hope my families see me as more than a provider but as an extension of their families…someone who wants to rejoice with them at each new developmental milestone.

I still work super hard, but the momentum I created in the beginning of my self-employed career still propels my business. I created sustainability through establishing deep roots. If you have a business dream, create the from your heart vision of who you will serve and what you will provide. Then here is a dose of tough love πŸ’™… Cut the excuses and commit yourself fully to seeing that dream bloom🌼🌺. Invest in learning what you need to learn. Find mentorship. Be open to suggestions and flexible to change. You only get one lifetime to give to the world that which only you can.

If you need a little help with your business goals or direction, holler! I’m here as your partner on your business journey, when you decide you want to move towards FREEDOM. We’ll link arms to get you to your sweet spot

Find your Voice

Find your Voice

Friends in business, I want to sit for a minute on the topic of finding your voice. In a world of influencers and seeing what other people in your field are doing and saying, many of you may find yourselves trying to mimic the voice of another consultant or realtor or photographer. You might convince yourself that you should sound more bubbly, perky, upbeat, or use certain buzzwords because someone else sounds like a rock star when she talks that way. She sounds like a rock star, because whatever she is doing is her. It’s hard to fake a persona on social media. People see right through a person’s communications to who they are or who they are trying to imitate. Don’t imitate.

Friend, dig deeper and find your voice. Many women are not connecting with their audiences on social media or even face to face, because they’re not sounding like anything different than the other “noise.” When you struggle with your business voice, you will struggle to create content and conversations which matter to people who care about what you do.

Who am? I’m a science nerdy, witty (I like to think), heart-led but super logical, word painter. If my business voice doesn’t match that but sounds like anything else, my potential clients are not seeing the best of me.

So, who are you? If you need help finding your voice to best communicate your brand, I’m your girl! Reach out and let’s chat!