If you identified the title of this blog as a Smiths’ song, I’m impressed. Hang out a bit and learn how to generate blog ideas for days!

You sit down to write a blog, and you get stuck. The end.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you don’t even get to the sit down part, because while you know a blog will help your SEO, connect to your clients, offer value, give you great content pillars for social media, blah, blah, blah, you’re gripped with anxiety over how to even get started.

I want you to tell yourself this (make sure you say it out loud!), “I have years of writing within me on at least a thousand topics, simply because I’ve lived life.” If you woke up yesterday and walked through your day working and living, you have a story to tell today.

Release your imagination. Everything you write on your business site blog doesn’t have to directly relate to what you do or sell. You can connect humor, relatability, and shared brand values through your blog. Every life experience you’ve had has created what you are what you do today. Your business has directly birthed from everything you are not just what you sell.

Here are 7 easy ways to get your blog writing juices flowing that will work for anyone across any industry. Grab your prettiest notebook and favorite pen (that’s step one to creative brainstorming) and let’s walk through how to use your story to light a lamp in your mind that doesn’t have a chance to burn out, because every new experience will give you more ideas to blog.

  1. Go back through your business page’s social media posts. Which ones were popular? Build longer form content around the topics of those posts.
  2. Think about your clients’ pain points and list them. Each is at least one blog idea!
  3. Get with another friend in business and brainstorm for one another a list of topics or questions you each of you are interested to know for the other. Sometimes, we are too close to our own businesses that we fail to understand what others don’t inherently “get” about what we do. Remember, you’re the expert!
  4. Think of all the “how tos” in your field. Readers love bulleted lists and step by steps!
  5. Talk about an opinion related to your industry. I really want to know what YOU think about your field! If you are a designer, talk about color trends that you think are fading and not worth following. If you are a hair stylist, tell me what people are doing in the name of hair fashion that you feel is harming their locks. Are you in finance? Tell me some opinions on apps, software, or money topics. Opinions make you memorable and make for great blog topics.
  6. Look at your competition’s website and blog (if they have one). After reviewing their content, what are they not talking about? Therein lies an edge for you to inform your audience what no one else is!
  7. I was going to end at 6, but I like 7s better…You probably follow other big names in your industry through social media or email. If you are not following people who are living the dream in the field you’re in, well you should for many reasons! By studying businesses who do what you do with excellence and success AND who have larger audiences, you can get a pulse on what people want to know more about. Listen to industry trendsetters, as what they are saying is being consumed by many. After consuming their info, their followers are going to search online for more info on those topics. Keep lists of ideas you think about from observing leaders in your field and put some feet to those ideas in your own blog post.

Every time you post something online, you have a choice. You can either make it something that adds happiness to the world or you can make it something that takes away. -Zoe Sugg, Vlogger

Go make sunshine. Don’t be afraid to take a stab at writing. Let your mind go, let go of perfection, and allow the pen to do its thing. Remember, you are interesting and people want to have their lives enriched by you.

If you write a blog inspired by this blog, let me know! Happy blogging!

Dream big and shine on!