I know it’s the pieces of you that will draw others to your brand, convert leads, and connect you with the types of clients you’ve dreamed of having on your calendar. 

and I look forward to learning your story soon.

I'm so happy to meet you here

In this corner of internet space

Since we’re talking about stories,
I’ll share some chapters out of mine. 

I’ve never been conventional… a conventional learner, a conventional worker, nor a conventional visionary. Give me lines, and I’ll color inside most of them. Some might call me an innovator.

You may wonder what people even want to hear or need to know, and don’t worry. We’ll get there. I have a little knack at unearthing these brand story nuggets. 

You just need the right copywriter who will understand your brand and mission. I’ll transform the ideas swimming around your head into a message that will beautifully resonate with your audience.

I’d say I’m a little rebel mixed with a lot of soul. 

I’d say I’m a little rebel mixed with a lot of soul. 

I grew up in a bicultural home, on Florida’s sunny shores, shaped by Latin passion and Air Force values. My mother was a teacher, literary translator, and artistic creative. My immigrant mother forged a dream, and I watched her uphill and twisted path carry her to great heights professionally and personally. From her, I developed a mind which painted pictures in words and an appreciation for the art of communication. Another piece of me was strongly shaped by my father’s love for science. As a little girl, I owned a microscope and three telescopes which I often took apart to try to understand the how behind magnification. I tracked hurricanes on coordinate maps each hurricane season. I lived for The Weather Channel. As weird as it is, I used to love visiting the base hospital where I grew up for the hospital smell, order, excitement, and buzz of all I saw as people tapped science to provide care. Throw a word lover and a science nerd together and you might end up with a speech-language pathologist.

My Roots

I hold a behavioral science degree from Old Dominion University in Virginia in Speech-language Pathology and Audiology. I later obtained my M.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of South Florida.. I had a vision to change the way therapy was delivered and a dream to open my own practice by age 30. I opened a pediatric therapy clinic at 28 and quickly fell in love with entrepreneurship alongside behavioral health.

My credentials

I believe crooked paths can lead to great destinations. 

Fifteen years later, the entrepreneurial path has had many ups and downs and twists and turns. Recession of 2008- been there, done that. Divorce while running a business- got the t-shirt. The 2020 What the Heck Show- front row on the business roller coaster right there with you. 

Each step, however, has led me here to a place of greater faith in the moment and deeper into my passions which happened to be the recipe for dynamic copywriting- business know-how, love of language, and study of human science. 

I am so lucky to do work I relish in with people who inspire me. Life is complicated enough. 

Work with me

Business doesn’t have to be a constant uphill climb. It should be one of the most exhilarating rides of your life.

I want you to sustain your time and energy to help as many clients as you can and profit more than you ever dreamed. 

Whether it’s writing your website, bio, blog, creating a messaging plan, or having a one to one strategy session, I can show you how to raise your value by increasing your communication. 

Together, we’ll craft the words to convert the curious into clients who will become your raving fans. 

A few more things you should know about me

> Books
> Whipped cream

> Barcelona
> Panama

> World War 2 History
> Weather Science

> Chase a tornado
> Swim with the pigs of Exuma, Bahamas

> Engage a good conversation
> Read on the beach

> 90s grunge bands
> John Mayer 

What I
listen To

Ways I

On my
bucket list


My favorite

I’m a little
obsessed with

(My cat is named Olivia after one of his songs)