It’s Monday! You already knew that though.

I’m hoping Monday is not a state of ugh or dread for you. Yes, yesterday was fun when I spent the afternoon at the beach with my sister, but Monday has actually become one of my favorite days.

No, I’m not crazy. I’ll tell you why, and it ties into something I want to talk to you about- checking your optimism. 

Here’s what Monday does for me. It’s the day that sets the tone for the rest of the week. I give Monday my best. I play hard on the weekends to recharge my mind and spirit. Aside from setting up my social media on Sunday mornings, my weekends are all mine to do all the things that fill my cup- spend time with family, cook some good meals, enjoy a little wine, put my nose in a book, and attend church online. 

Monday deserves the best of me. My business deserves the most optimistic me. By resting well, I supercharge cheerfully into my week. I carve time Monday mornings to blast out lots of email business, set my schedule for the rest of the week, ensure I’ve blocked time for all the must-do things professionally and personally, and confirm appointments. I will put gas in my car today, so I don’t have to worry about that when I’m running out the door for an appointment a couple days from now.  I even loosely plan out my wardrobe and make sure my clothes are laundered and ready to wear. All the little things take ease up the rest of the week and allow my general mentality to stay lighter and happier.

Something will happen this week that has the capacity to get me off-kilter. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen to you, too, so don’t be surprised by it. It’s life, and it’s the life we’ve chosen as business women- a professional life of lots of moves and shifts. Something will get off-my schedule, a challenge will rear up unexpectedly, or a flat tire. Something might even make me cry in frustration this week. Here’s the big BUT though. If I start my week positively, grounded, and rested, I will be able to get through whatever comes my way without it threatening to derail my whole week and worse of all my whole mood. You see, when you permit circumstances which are bound to happen to throw off your optimism, you are going to lose in business- motivation, momentum, passion, and ultimately these all tie to your ability to earn money. Moody, pessimistic, slow-to-move people are not making money.

When you set yourself up to give Monday a big hug and start it standing on two feet strong and ready, it will love you back by setting you up for a great week ahead. Your energy and optimism will carry you through the week. You’ll recover setbacks quickly. You’ll pivot smoothly and keep clear view of your short and long term goals. 

What do you need to do to make Monday one of your favorite days? How can you maybe shift your weekend and Monday routine to give you an injection of optimism to boost your week and move you to lots of wins? 

Give it some thought and share your thoughts with me! I’d love to hear from you!

If I can help you form some mood-changing and money making habits, reach out! I’m here to help you set up for success!

Dream Big and Shine On!