Helping mission-led brands move their initiatives and magnify their impact

Don't let your company's big ideas sit waiting for your next hire or a slower season. By working with a fractional copywriter, your  teams can deliver focused and impactful results in less time. 

Whether the project is internal for your team members or client-facing, clear and compelling copy drives actionable steps.

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Ready to create powerful engagement + Increase your ROI?

  deadlines are tight and you need to hit your revenue and impact goals.
A fractional Copywriter Can help. 

I'll work collaboratively with your marketing or hr teams on writing guides, creative projects, emails, special articles, brochures, and blogs 

When the workload exceeds your team, you won't just get words - you'll get a partner.

I offer three options to wave my magic word wand for done-for-you copy and content that will get their attention and boost your sales. 

  • initial and ongoing consultations
  • strategy support to maximize outcomes
  • A lead researcher
  • a professional who will get to know your industry, values, and audience
  • Flexible hours
  • In-Person Availability for Tampa Bay Companies

So, if you've ever thought, "I don't have the team or the time to tackle our next big initiative," 

"Geneva knows the questions to ask to learn a brand's voice, and her writing is spot on! She's knowledgeable and gives great business advice- not to mention she's a nice person and great listener. I highly recommend her."

"We have worked with Geneva on several projects for our non-profit. She delivers great, quality work. The experiences have always been professional. She's a kind and pleasant person to work with. Highly recommend!

-Sheena Williams, Executive Director for SheWill, financial literacy for girls

-Pam Fulks, Sweet Bites Baking School



Whether it’s writing or refreshing your website copy to convert the curious to clients; tackling that sales page that keeps getting put to the side; or creating an email sequence to lead your customer down a journey with you, I’ll craft conversion copy that is professional, connected, and creative.

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Brands that are memorable are profitable.

I write SEO-Loving copy and content that resonates in a deeper place with your audience and drives them to action.

I’ll write high-impact and purpose-driven conversion copy. 

Let’s create something special and highly personable to speak straight to your customers.

Trusted by professionals to deliver results

you do now.


- Blog strategy and writing to increase your SEO and help you shine as an expert.
- Press releases to share your company’s news. 
- Bios and brand stories crafted to tell your story with heart.
-Feature articles to showcase you as an industry expert

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Great content appeals to your audience on an intellectual, emotional, and value level. 

Telling your brand stories lets people know you’re here to help them not sell them.  It’s high-quality content that gives your brand presence and standing in a competitive market.

Let's write your stories.

Some content services I offer are:


Or let’s face it- sometimes you just know you’ll feel more relieved the sooner the work is done. If you’re like me, no hanging big projects might mean a beach or pool day or simply greater motivation to move your launch or other business goals forward. 

You can hire me for a half day or a full day, and for that time, I’m all yours. You can call me or we can video chat ten times if you want.
Need to ping me every hour? Totally fine. 

Our goal will be starting and finishing a project within that day. VIP Day projects may be writing one large project like a website or email sales funnel or a combination of projects such as writing a bio, rewriting a web page, and writing a press release. 

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Some projects need to be done faster than others. The sooner your messaging is out, the faster it drives connection and profit.

Between your business brilliance and my mind, we can accomplish a lot in a day. 


-We will begin our day with an in-depth hour call and build an outline of the project (we will have set our day’s goal through a prior consultation call). 

-I’ll spend the day completely dedicated to you and your goals and write my heart out. 

-We’ll wrap up with an end-of-day call to make any revisions.
-We can virtually clink glasses at the end of the day and send you on your way with intelligently designed messaging completely done and ready to roll. 

Sounds good, right? Let’s get started.

What I'm Serving Up

Brand New
Website Copy

Copy Editing



They didn’t call me “Word Girl” in school for no reason.
If it’s a marketing piece, and it needs a voice, I can help. 

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Refreshed copy

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White Papers


They didn’t call me “Word Girl” in school for no reason. If it’s a marketing piece, and it needs a voice, I can help.