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Speak. Write. Deliver.

Intelligently Designed Communications for Businesses

You and your brand deserve to be seen and heard. It’s my job to carefully curate words which paint the right messages. You can have the confidence to know you, your product, or your services will leave a lasting impression on those who engage with you, because your messaging will create trust and familiarity with your audience. 


You know copywriting is important to conveying the right brand messaging, but you have a lot on your plate. I’m your partner in writing, and I’ll move your writing project from put-off or pending to done. Visuals draw your audiences, but good copy creates compelling stories which authenticate trust in your brand and compel your audience to take action. 

Accent Refinement

Are you a fluent non-native English speaker who would like to develop more clear and confident communication? Accent refinement services can help you neutralize an accent when you’re leading your team or connecting with co-workers and clients. With a customized plan, you will learn to turn your accent on or off, so you stay in charge of your voice. 

Group Training

I love working with teams to develop written and oral language presentation skills which set companies far apart from others in the same industry. Strong communication skills serve as your best attraction marketing. I also provide training for diversity and inclusion topics- Accent Bias in the Workplace and Empowering the Voices of ESL Speakers.

About Geneva

I have married my love for communication and business to provide intelligently designed solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether you are talking about your brand in person, in print, or through social media, it should be converting your audience into raving fans who then become loyal customers. Communication is the missing link and I can help you put it all together.

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