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Does your copy connect your intended audience with your mission, vision, and heart?

Has your writing project sat undone, because you don’t have the time? 

When you go to write copy, do your fingers sit stuck on the keys?

Have you tried to craft your bio but struggle with the words to paint the right picture?

Do you plan to build or refresh a website or web page (homepage, about, services, or contact) and want to make sure your copy is as sharp as your design?

That small blinking cursor doesn’t need to be a huge hurdle to projecting your message loudly and clearly to people who need your solutions.

 If you know a branded message is just as important as branded visuals, but you need some wordsmithing to bring your message to life, well- you’re in the right place! 

Great copy authenticates trust in your brand and compels your audience to take action.

Business Communications

You know copywriting and content development are important to conveying the right brand messaging, but you have a lot on your plate. I’m your partner in writing, and I’ll move your writing project from put-off or pending to done. Perhaps you’re stuck on content ideas for social platforms. I can show you how to create a strategy for simple yet original content creation. Visuals draw your audiences, but great copy authenticates trust in your brand and compels your audience to take action. 

Strategy Sessions

Everyday women should have extraordinary dreams. Do you wake up each day wanting to make strides towards your purpose but perhaps feeling overwhelmed with all the things you feel you should be doing with your business, as you try to grow it- social media and messaging, marketing, networking, copywriting, and actually selling a product or service? Breathe and know there is a path I can show you where simple and practical strategies converge with creativity for business success. Together, we can strategize an easy-to-implement roadmap, and you will find your success journey is within your reach.

Accent Refinement

Are you a fluent non-native English speaker who would like to develop more clear and confident communication? Accent refinement services can help you neutralize an accent when you’re leading your team or connecting with co-workers and clients. With a customized plan, you will learn to turn your accent on or off, so you stay in charge of your voice. I also provide training for diversity and inclusion topics- Accent Bias in the Workplace and Empowering the Voices of ESL Speakers.

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About Geneva

In 2006, a behavioral scientist with a communication’s background (me) set out to be her own boss by opening a therapy practice. Like many other women who seek entrepreneurship, I didn’t have business credentials behind my name. I only had strong resolve to carve out a workspace where I could innovate and freely practice pediatric healthcare. Over 14 years, I have learned through doing and from mentors. The school of hard knocks also had a few lessons to teach me about how to handle a business during crises such as divorce, recession, and choosing the wrong business partner. Though painful experiences, they were valuable in their outcomes. I took a business from two paying clients to a thriving practice with employees within 6 months. I went from scared I wouldn’t meet my bills to replacing and then exceeding my prior income.
So, you might ask, “What was the secret sauce to success?” No secret friend. It was a solid albeit scrappy messaging campaign that laid a foundation for my brand culture- we built community between our staff, clients, and our referral partners.
Whenever and however people engage your brand, your messaging and approach should be converting your audience into raving fans who then become loyal customers. How you tell your story and communicate solutions and how you strategize for growth are the keys, and I can help you unlock the doors to your awaiting success. 

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