Once upon a time a business owner wanted to create content that made people think, “Yes!” and “That’s amazing!” but then she opened her laptop. And she got stuck…

This month on Mondays, we’re talking about connected content. Anybody in the house content stuck? I’m about to share with you THE reason you get stuck or frozen at the keys. Are you ready?

Either you don’t know who our ideal client is OR you’ve lost sight of him/her OR you haven’t defined clearly enough what you sell. They dance together. You have to know these things first, before you’ll be able to write connected content.

Let me illustrate this a couple ways.

What if I came to you and asked you to deliver a speech to an audience. You oblige, and say, “Sure. Who will I be addressing.” I say, “People who like to hear live speakers,” and I walk away. You stand there a little befuddled but get to work on the speech. The event day comes, and only 2 people show up. They were bored at home but the event was free, so they showed. You begin to give the speech you wrote for all people who like live speakers. One person keeps going to the bathroom. The other starts playing a game on her phone. You walk off the stage feeling like you failed. You didn’t click. Well, the issue would have been, I tried to market something too broadly for your presentation. You would have just been going along with what I asked, but it all fell flat, because you didn’t know who you were talking to. People who like live motivational speakers? People who want to hear about metaphysics? People who dig live social issue talks?

One more example ladies. A cute enough guy comes up to you at the bar. He throws a “net” of his “generic lady talk.” By the end of the night, he asks for your number. You give it to him, but don’t feel like you’d lose anything if he couldn’t remember your name in his contacts the next day. He does, though, and starts texting you more smooth talk. You keep waiting for him to ask you about you, to dig deeper. One day, you decide to just stop responding to his texts and calls.

But then, someone else comes along two weeks later. He looks into your eyes at the bar. He compliments your smile and names the perfume you are wearing. He asks where you went to school, and you find you both loved school Frito-bake (maybe a southern thing, but my school’s was bomb!). Before you know it, the bar is closing, and you’ve been talking for hours like old friends. He asks if he can see you again and what you’d like to do. You leave with butterflies and wait the next day for his communication. You can’t wait to talk to him!

Know who you are writing the speech for and be man #2.

if you’ve been trucking along scared to niche down, I promise you you’ll feel freedom and know so much better what to say.

What is it you do best in you business? Start there and grow that service or product and the audience who wants just that product. Look at Nothing But Bundt Cakes or Chicken Salad Chick. Look at Tom’s (started with one style of shoe and then expanded). It’s ok to sell the hell out of one thing- bundt cakes, chicken salad, canvas shoes and expand or stick with the one thing you get known for for the rest of time.

You have to become memorable – plain and simple. What do you want to be memorable for?

When you get what you sell and who it is for sorted out, I PROMISE the content ideas will flow. You’ll always feel like you’re talking to your besties, but better, your audience will feel you are a friend.

Next week, we’ll explore the customer’s journey and why understanding it will be a key to unlock even more connected content.

Send your questions. I love hearing from you <3.

Dream Big and Shine On!