If you sell something, it costs something. A massage. Photography. Design Services. Clothing. Mental Health Services. The business formula seems simple enough. You have something to sell. You price it. People buy it. More people buy it. You end up with a mansion on the beach. If only it were that simple. Your mansion days […]


June 28, 2020

3 Ways to Communicate Your Value and Pricing

Everyone loves a good story. Children love to listen to a story. Adults get hooked on Netflix shows for the storylines or devour books with good plots, relatable heroes, and villains who represent common evils. Think of the best Superbowl ads. Whether they are funny or moving, they tell mini-stories, and you’ll wade through a […]


June 21, 2020

Creating Connected Content June Series: Sell with Stories

You are on a continuous journey in your business, but so is your customer. Potential customers get on the road with you beginning with the first leg of their journey- awareness. You should clearly understand what problem your business solves for someone, but the potential customer must realize she has a problem requiring a solution […]


June 15, 2020

Creating Connected Content June Series: Stand By Me- Walking the Customer Journey

Once upon a time a business owner wanted to create content that made people think, “Yes!” and “That’s amazing!” but then she opened her laptop. And she got stuck… This month on Mondays, we’re talking about connected content. Anybody in the house content stuck? I’m about to share with you THE reason you get stuck […]


June 8, 2020

Creating Connected Content June Series: Get Crystal Clear