About   Geneva

Live to communicate. Communicate for life. 

Thanks for landing on my page. I love connecting with all kinds of people. A little about me- I’m a Florida girl from the small town of Niceville transplanted to Tampa who has been working in the field of speech pathology for almost 16 years. Go Bulls! I have been in private practice for 13 of those years specializing in pediatrics. I love working with children in the areas of speech and language, social skills, and literacy and to see their eyes light up with that spark when new learning clicks. There’s also nothing quite as miraculous as witnessing a child’s first words. I’ve also made parent and school collaboration a large part of my practice, as the child is stronger when the team is working together.

Since entering entrepreneurship in 2006, I discovered I had a great love for all things business as well as all things speech pathology. Helping friends cook up business ideas and idea brainstorm is my idea of a good time. In 2013, I joined a direct sales company to save money for my wedding. I don’t tend to do anything halfway, so my hobby to earn a little extra money turned into a profitable side-gig earning me some money and travel. My favorite part of my role in direct sales, however, was pouring into the women on my team and collaborating for the success of one another. I exited direct sales in 2016 to explore further pursuits in speech pathology but the business bug stayed with me. Later that year, I attained a new certification as an accent specialist, working with fluent non-native English-speaking professionals to refine and neutralize their accents for greater communication successes.

In 2018, there was a deep burning inside of me to join local women entrepreneurs together to grow, share ideas, and dream. Hearts and Heels was born, and it was though that pursuit I realized the through-line in all my passions is the desire to help everyone from little people to foreign professionals to women-owned businesses find their unique voices and communication styles to take them to the next level in their growth goals. Some stages of life transition, but success at any place in life happens when you command communication that relates and sells others on the idea of YOU. We live to communicate and COMMUNICATE FOR LIFE. I look forward to exploring the gift of communication with your child or with your brand.