Raise your communication. Increase your value.

Strong communication skills can attract people to your brand, raise your perceived value, and attract admiration from your industry. 

Messaging matters.

You believe in your products and services, but perhaps you find it a bit hard to communicate that passion to your target audience, who clearly needs to know how you will show up to serve them. Your brand voice needs to be as identifiable as that of a close friend to be trusted and sought out in your industry.

I can show you how to uncover the heart of your message. Whether you need copy, a messaging plan, a mission and vision statement and messaging strategy for your non-profit, or general guidance, I can give you the tools to reach your clients at a deeper level.


How I can help your brand SHINE

You and your brand deserve to be seen and heard. It’s my job to carefully curate words which paint the right messages. You can have the confidence to know you, your product, or your services will leave a lasting impression on those who engage with you, because your messaging will create trust and familiarity with your audience. 

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Co-Creative Messaging Strategy Development

You’re a creative business owner and enjoy learning the ropes, or maybe it’s more cost-effective now to DIY your content.

What if you knew how to sell through story?

What if you had loads of content ideas ready to go?

How would you conduct business differently if you were confident in your communication strategy?

Through co-creative development of written and oral messaging strategies with a blueprint of how to connect with your target audience across multiple platforms and editing of your work product, you can feel more confident that what you’re saying is going to sound like your brand and not a template or mish-mesh of words that leave you feeling lackluster in your communications.

Are you ready to shine and start selling? If so, I’m here to work with you!

Customized Copywriting Services

You do what you do well.

I’ll do what I do well- writing website copy and marketing collateral that resonates in a deeper place with your audience. Whether it’s finally making your bio what you want it to be for a great piece of personal content on your website, brochures, or LinkedIn or it’s tackling that sales page that keeps getting put to the side, I’ll craft conversion copy that is professional, connected, and creative.

Brands that are memorable are profitable.

If you’re ready to convert the curious to clients and keep them for the life of your business, we’ll create something special and highly personable to speak straight to your customers.

copy for packaging

Creative Copy Projects

Even small projects need branded messaging. Packaging labels, tags, digital ads, or 30 second intros are a few small projects I can write.

You don’t need room for a lot of words- just room for the right words. I’ve got you covered on all your small space projects.

You only have seconds.

Do you want your dream client to hang out for a while on your sales page or website?

Would you like your marketing collateral pieces to lead to higher contact rates?

The right words will guide their journey right to you.

What I'm Serving Up

Brand New Website Copy

Refreshed Copy

Copy Audit

Sales Page Copy

Email Sequences

Brand Stories

Personal Bios


They didn’t call me “Word Girl” in school for no reason. If it’s a marketing piece, and it needs a voice, I can help. 

Geneva is truly gifted and has the biggest heart! It was effortless the way she helped me pull my story together and show me how to convey my message to my customers. Highly recommend her services!! Thank you for breathing life into my business, Geneva.


Owner, Hammer and Stain Riverview

Simply put, Geneva is a wordsmith! 

I recently attended a business retreat that she brilliantly planned and led. I learned a great deal of information, best practices, and skills that will help me for years to come. Beyond that, I left feeling more confident and truly inspired!

I highly recommend her, as I have no doubt that she will help you succeed!


Owner, Sweet Stuff by Amber